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From time to time Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) members may be faced with difficult decisions about reporting certain matters which come to their attention

It is important that members feel able to cope with those situations and report relevant information, when required.

Ensuring that our members, and employers of actuaries, have the tools and support to deal with whistleblowing situations is not only of benefit to our members and the IFoA but, crucially, also helps to protect the public interest. For that reason, we have produced two whistleblowing guides, one aimed at actuaries and the other at those organisations which employ actuaries:

We also offer a confidential advice line for whistleblowing concerns which is provided by the whistleblowing charity, Public Concern at Work

All calls are answered by staff who are experienced in advising on when and how best to raise concerns.

You can contact the advice line on 0800 223 0177.

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If you wish to report any concerns, or have any queries on whistleblowing generally, or the content of the guides, please contact us at