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Student Consultative Forum

The role of the Student Consultative Forum (SCF)

The UK/Ireland Student Consultative Forum is currently comprised of:

  • students representing the regional communities
  • students representing those with disabilities
  • student representative(s) of the Actuary magazine
  • senior committee/board members
  • executive staff of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA)
  • representatives of ActEd.

It meets twice a year and discusses:

  • proposed developments and changes within the IFoA qualification and its associated processes
  • feedback from the student population on current education processes, tuition arrangements, and wider aspects of the student actuarial career.

It does not discuss:

  • concerns raised by either an individual or a small number of students if these concerns are felt not to be in the interest of the majority of students.

Copies of meeting notes will be published on this webpage following each meeting and will be presented and discussed at the next available Education Committee meeting.

The role of a student consultative representative

A student consultative representative is expected to:

  • engage with the student community in their region, encouraging participation in shaping the quality of the student experience
  • collate and summarise feedback in preparation for the meeting
  • raise any concerns or questions presented to them, which they believe would affect the majority of students, with the IFoA executive staff outside of the two main meetings 
  • discuss feedback during the ‘representative-only’ section of the meeting and present the consolidated view of the group to the main meeting for discussion
  • remain impartial and speak on behalf of the majority of students.

Students engaging with the student consultative representatives are required to:

  • adhere to the Actuaries' Code at all times when working with student representatives and respect their role as part of the Student Consultative Forum
  • explain clearly and succinctly what their concerns are and why they would like them discussed at the SCF meeting.

Notes of recent meetings

Student Feedback Reports

2017 Student Feedback Report

Who should I contact?

UK students should contact their local representative or Education Services.

The UK forum membership includes
Chairperson Jessica Elkin
ActEd representative Darrell Chainey
The Actuary student page editors Jason Whalley / Joseph Mills
Representatives for students with disabilities Nikki Edwards / Ruth Bryson
Birmingham Actuarial Society representative Suzanne Wright-Smith
Bristol Actuarial Society representative Sam Kingdon
Channel Islands Actuarial Association representative Amber Buckingham
Faculty of Actuaries Students' Society representative Jonny Moore
Glasgow Actuarial Students' Society representative Craig Rodgers
London Market Students' Group representative Alpesh Patel
North West Actuarial Society representative Lauren Metcalfe
Norwich Actuarial Society representative Danielle Nash
Staple Inn Actuarial Society representative Thomas Leigh-Eldredge
Society of Actuaries in Ireland representative Patrick Byrne
Society of Northern Ireland Actuaries (SONIA) representative Ciaran Harris
Welsh Actuarial Society George McMahon
Wessex Actuarial Society representative Darren Morrison
White Horse Actuarial Society representative Alex Miller
Yorkshire Actuarial Society representative Sammie Caine
The executive staff who attend each meeting
Head of Quality and Assessment Karen Brocklesby
Head of Assessment Laura Griffiths
Quality Manager Matt Tennant (Secretary)

How can I get involved with the Student Consultative Forum?

Vacancies for serving on the Forum are advertised on the Volunteer Vacancies webpage. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Forum, please keep an eye on the volunteer vacancies webpage or sign up to receive the RSS feed.

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