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Suggested study hours and pattern

The amount of time each student needs to spend on a particular subject will vary from student to student

The following are suggested study guidelines for each subject, but the quality of study time is far more important than quantity:

Subject Hours
Core Technical Subjects Between 125 and 150 hours depending on the subject and your educational background in the subject
Online Professional Awareness Test (OPAT) 1-5 hours
Business Awareness (CT9) online version At least 20 hours, plus full participation in the online business game and submission of seven written exercises
Actuarial Risk Management (CA1) 400 hours
Model Documentation, Analysis and Reporting (CA2) 100 hours
Communication Practice (CP3) 100 hours
Specialist Technical Subjects 200 hours
Specialist Applications Subjects 300 hours
Specialist Applications Subjects taken with UK Practice Modules 320 hours
Professional Skills Course (online) 8-10 hours over 3 weeks

A reasonable study workload between September and April might include one of the following options:

  • three Core Technical Subjects
  • Actuarial Risk Management
  • two Specialist Technical Subjects
  • one Specialist Technical Subject and the chosen Specialist Applications Subject with the relevant UK Practice Module or
  • some other comparable combination.

The study session from May to September is shorter

It may be difficult for you to study at the same rate during this time.

Time to qualification

In order to qualify as an Associate or Fellow, students must pass a number of examinations and complete a satisfactory period of work experience.

The time to qualification will depend upon an individual's progress through the examinations, any exemptions obtained and completion of work experience.

To qualify as a fellow takes, on average, 6-7 years.

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