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Revision programme

As part of your revision programme, we recommend that you look at past questions and critically compare your own solutions with those in the Examiners’ Report

Based on the recommendations in the online workshop, in the three hour, session-based exams, it is important to

  • follow the scenario of the question
  • plan and brainstorm before diving in
  • generate a lot of relevant points, guided by the marks on offer
  • include the basic points
  • imagine that you are addressing a client or non-expert colleague, as appropriate

The online CA2 and CP3 exams often feel different to the three hour, session-based exams

The online exams have sometimes been compared to preparing a meal where

  • good planning, and effective use of time

coupled with

  • plenty of practice of the key skills

are indispensable to success.

And if you fail?

Nearly all actuaries have failed an exam at some point, so don’t despair if this happens to you

Here are some suggestions that may help:

  • Review the areas that you found difficult, possibly with a tutor if this option is available
  • Work through past questions, perhaps with a colleague
  • Talk through your exam paper and approach with an exam counsellor, if this option is available

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