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Planning a route through the exams

Core Technical Subjects (CT1-CT8)

When attempting the Core Technical Subjects it is worth remembering some subjects build on others

There are therefore some logical routes through the subjects which may depend on the area that you are working in or any exemptions you have been awarded.

The Core Technical Subjects (CT1-CT8) build on each other in numerical sequence

  • CT2 - Finance and Financial Reporting assumes knowledge of CT1
  • CT4 - Models assumes knowledge of CT1 and CT3
  • CT5 - Contingencies assumes knowledge of CT1, CT3 and CT4
  • CT6 - Statistical Methods assumes knowledge of CT3 and CT4
  • CT8 - Financial Economics assumes knowledge of CT1, CT4 and CT7

Taking the CT subjects in numerical order would work well if you are working in life insurance or pensions

If you're working in general insurance you may prefer to take CT6 at any point after CT1.

If you're working in investment you may prefer to take CT7 and CT8 before CT4, CT5 and CT6.

There is no compulsory order in which to sit exams

It's best to base your route through the CT Subjects on your past experience.

Specialist Applications Subjects

The Specialist Applications Subjects require good understanding of UK practice and practical issues

The SA subjects examine breadth of knowledge in the subject area and ability to exercise judgement. You are expected to take a practical approach in these subjects. Because of this, you may find these subjects difficult if you attempt them early on in your career with little practical experience.

However, while practical experience may help you perform better in the SA exams, it is not required. 

You don't have to take the linked ST and SA Subjects together

As a matter of fact, previous pass rates indicate that students who do so perform more poorly than those who sit them separately. We think this is because there is a lot of work involved in preparing for these exams. But, if you really want to sit them together, due to the practical nature of these exams, we recommend you sit them at the end of your career as a student to give yourself as much practical experience as possible.

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