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Resources for Subject SA2 - Life Insurance

Suggested additional reading for Subject SA2 - Life Insurance

Students may find it useful to consult some of the suggested reading listed in Unit 16 of the SA2 Core Reading to obtain a wider appreciation or different viewpoint when studying a particular topic

However, students are not expected to have read all of the items on the list or to have gained a detailed knowledge of any particular topic additional to that contained in the Core Reading. Equally, students may use other sources of information to enhance their wider understanding, such as:

  • the financial and trade press, including The Actuary magazine
  • bulletins and other publications from reinsurers and consultancies
  • other papers from the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and the Staple Inn Actuarial Society (SIAS)
  • Continuous Mortality Investigation bulletins
  • presentations made at recent Life conferences or other life insurance seminars
  • other recommended references on the Life Practice Area of the site.

Actuarial Standards

The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries is responsible for the setting of ethical actuarial standards. The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) is responsible for the setting of technical actuarial standards.

  • Technical actuarial standards can be found on the FRC's website
  • Other professional guidance material can be found on the Regulation pages of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries website

Articles and papers

These article and paper references from Unit 16 of SA2 Core Reading 2017 are listed by year for each unit within SA2 to which they are most applicable. However, some reading material may be relevant to more than one Unit while one paper listed at the end under 'Wider reading'  is not obviously applicable to any specific Unit.

Title links are to papers first presented to IFoA sessional research meetings or to Staple Inn Actuarial Society (SIAS) papers. Papers subsequently published in British Actuarial Journal (BAJ) have their permanent 'DOI' links to the BAJ, published by Cambridge Core. Members can access these articles without charge following login to the IFoA website or to the Athens portal for online resources - please contact for an Athens account.


Units 2 and 3 – UK specific products and general business environment

Units 4 and 6 – UK legislation and regulatory environment

Units 7 to 11 – UK regulation, valuation and capital management

Unit 11 - Professional guidance [Unit 11 in SA2 Core Reading 2016]

Unit 12 – Treating customers fairly

Unit 13 – Risk management and controls

Unit 14 – Management of UK with profits business

Unit 15 – Contract design and pricing

Wider reading

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