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Welcome to the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. Here you will find all the information about sitting our CT3 exam as a non-member; becoming a student member and sitting further exams.

Our CT3 exam is run twice a year April and September*. You can apply for this by completing our Non-members exam registration form (available during the exam entry period). *Please read important news below on the September 2018 exam sitting.

You can apply to become a student member all year round, however in time for exam sitting there are admission application deadlines.

Apply to become a member and see admission application deadlines

Important news: 2018 examinations for non-members

With the introduction of our new Curriculum 2019, we are making changes to the exam options available to our non-members. As we approach the new Curriculum 2019 examinations and we only have two exam sittings left of the current curriculum, we will be offering our non-members the following options:

  • For the April 2018 exams, non-members were able to apply for either CT1 (Financial Mathematics) or CT3 (Probability and Mathematical Statistics). This will gave non-members the option to complete the CT1 exam if they have been studying towards this; or to take CT3 which if passed will gain a CS1 in 2019.
  • For the September 2018 exams, non-members will only be able to apply for CT3. This is because CT1 and CT5 are merging under the new curriculum and passes in both will be required to gain the CM1 exam in 2019.

Please note: If you have taken the CT1 non-member exam and passed it, you will not be able to take the CT3 exam as a non-member also. Only one non-member exam pass is allowed. Once you have passed a non-member exam (CT1 or CT3) you will then need to become a student member to take further exams.

CT3 exams Q&As

Read our Exam Q&As for information on:

  • exam dates
  • registering and booking for the exam
  • exam cost and payment
  • exam permits
  • exam centres
  • exam study and preparation
  • exam changes and updates

Student admission to the IFoA Q&As

Read our Student admission Q&As for information on:

  • becoming a student member
  • application criteria and process
  • admission fees
  • referees
  • exam certification

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