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  • Increasingly popular actuarial career route

    Graduates who apply for work in the actuarial profession has risen by 9.1%, according to a newly published report.

    The UK Graduate Careers Survey 2018, produced by High Fliers Research, is the largest annual survey of final year students at the UK’s leading universities.

    In the report, actuarial work has risen by 9.1% compared to the same time last year. It is within the top three professions which has had an influx of applications from ‘transport and logistics’ and ‘technology’.

  • Actuarial exams - what are they?

    In this blog, Chloe Hung, Amazon best-selling author talks through the reality of actuarial exams alongside full-time work, and some of the mental challenges students are faced with. 

    Did you know that actuarial science is said to be one of the most difficult courses to study? When I first started studying actuarial science, I found myself wondering what is it that makes actuarial science so difficult?

  • Meet your CPD requirements before 30 June with Events

    Whether it’s attending a flagship IFoA Conference, a training event or taking part in an online webinar – events are a great way to meet your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements. 

    If you are in CPD categories 1, 2 and 4 you are required to complete a certain number of CPD hours at external events. These can include any training or development activity which exposes you to an exchange of viewpoints and includes individuals from outside your own organisation.

  • Mortality and Longevity Seminar

    The Life Board and their Lifelong Learning Sub-committee have arranged this seminar, which will provide topical and practical updates and discussion on the latest thinking and innovations in mortality and longevity. The programme is designed for life, pensions and health and care actuaries eager to learn about the latest developments in mortality and longevity.  The sessions are designed to be very accessible to a broad range of experience.  The seminar is being chaired by Beverley Alford, Head Longevity, Legal & General.

  • Join us at our Annual General Meeting

    Booking is now open for the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) Annual General Meeting (AGM).

    The IFoA’s Annual General Meeting is an excellent opportunity to network with your peers, meet the IFoA’s Directors and share your views with the IFoA members and staff that set the strategic direction of your professional body.

    This year’s Annual General Meeting will take place at Staple Inn Hall, London on the 28 June.

  • The future will be different

    Dr Daniel SusskindOur Director of Engagement and Learning, Clifford Friend, blogs on the issues raised by Dr Daniel Susskind’s new book.

    On 1 May we’re delighted to welcome Dr Daniel Susskind to Staple Inn London for the latest in our professionalism lecture series entitled How Technology will Transform the Work of Human Experts. 

  • Academic degrees that best complement an Actuarial Science degree

    In this blog, Chloe Hung, Amazon best-selling author discusses in her opinion, degrees which can complement actuarial science if you are looking at completing joint-honours at university. 

    Actuarial science is a study that does not only revolve around mathematics and numbers. It is a combination of mathematics, economics, insurance, finance, statistics and programming. Hence, there are a few academic degrees that can complement your actuarial science degree if you are looking to do a joint honours degree in university.

  • Nominations for IFoA Council now open

    Can you lead our profession into the future?

    We are looking for members join our Council and help shape the future of the Actuarial profession.

    As a member of Council you will help to set the strategic direction of the IFoA and deliver the IFoA’s public interest objective. Becoming a Council member offers a fantastic opportunity to share your insight and knowledge with your peers and develop your skills and experience.


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