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Should actuaries be involved in accounting for intangible asets? Complete our survey

The Accounting for Intangible Assets (AFIA) Working Party is looking to stimulate a balanced, realistic discussion on whether actuaries should be looking to add value to AFIA from our core experience, or whether other finance professionals are better suited.

Intangible assets are already too valuable for investors to ignore. In 2010 more than 80% of the market value of the S&P 500 was made up of intangible assets (Ocean Tomo). Intangible assets are highly valuable and yet investors are spending much more time and effort understanding and managing tangible assets. This imbalance will be addressed eventually.

The evaluation and management of intangible assets is a relatively new discipline compared to how long the actuarial profession has been in existence and we are looking to understand if actuaries should try to be part of the solution.

Do you know how to value an intangible asset? Do you think that intangible assets should be accounted for? Should members of the IFoA be involved in the accounting of intangible assets?

Whatever your views and no matter your level of experience in dealing with intangible assets, the working party wants to hear from you

Please spare a few minutes of your time to complete the survey which closes on 11 July.  Complete the survey by clicking on the link below or pasting the url into your browser:

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