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September PPD Deadline is here

The deadline to have switched over to the Personal and Professional Development (PPD) scheme is 1 September 2018.

If you joined as a student on or after 1 September 2017 then you should already be completing your PPD requirements and could be audited after your first year as a student of the IFoA is complete.

  • If you joined before 1 September 2017 and wish to become an Associate or Fellow of 2018 then you must submit your completed documentation before the deadline of 18 January 2019. This can be either the work experience (for Institute members who joined before 1 July 2004), no experience requirement (for Faculty members who joined before 1 July 2004), full WBS skills documents (for all student members who joined on or after 1 July 2004) or a combination of one of these schemes plus PPD.
  • Failure to meet the deadline date means that you will not appear as qualifier of 2018 and you will be expected to complete PPD from 1 September 2018 and we will accept a combination of the two schemes until January 2021.
  • If you joined before 1 September 2017 and have not yet moved onto the PPD scheme then you must start completing the PPD records by 1 September 2018 and this will be on a pro-rata basis until your next joining date anniversary. After the anniversary date you will continue to complete PPD records until you qualify as an Associate or Fellow. Details of your anniversary date can be found on your members account under the PPD section. 
  • If you intend to become an Associate or Fellow before January 2021 then we will accept a combination of different work experience schemes.

2018 Qualifiers deadline: 18 January 2019

Students who wish to be on the 2018 Qualifiers list can either submit their full completed WBS before the 18 January 2019 deadline, or complete 2017/18 as a PPD year.

If students are successful in passing their final exams in September you have until 18 January 2019 to submit your final documentation as Work-Based Skills or Form A/B. After that deadline, PPD will apply to you.

Useful PPD Information

How does PPD affect you?

PPD transition table

FAQ section

The PPD guide (recently updated)

To enquire about your own requirements if you think you will be qualifying between September 2018 and September 2020, please email