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Actuarial Research Centre (ARC)

The ARC is the IFoA’s global network of researchers from around the world. A core part of the ARC is the delivery of industry-relevant research. View some of the online material arising from ARC research below. All videos are free to watch and eligible for CPD.
ARC Sessional Reseach Event: How Medical Advances and Health Interventions Will Shape Future Longevity
Monday 25 June 2018
In this ARC sessional Professor Elena Kulinskaya will discuss her paper How Medical Advances and Health Interventions Will Shape Future Longevity which shows how estimated mortality hazards can be translated to hypothetical changes in life expectancies at the individual and population levels.
ARC Sessional Research Event:Self-selection and Risk Sharing in a Modern World of Life-Long Annuities
Monday 14 May 2018
In this ARC sessional Professor Jens Perch Nielsen and his co-authors (from Cass Business School) find new solutions to three of the most current and challenging problems in pension research.
ARC Sessional Research Event: Still Living with Mortality: The Longevity Risk Transfer Market after One Decade
29 January 2018
This paper updates Living with Mortality written more than a decade ago. It describes how the longevity risk transfer market has developed over the intervening period, and, in particular, how insurance-based solutions – buy-outs, buy-ins and longevity insurance – triumphed over the capital markets solutions that were expected to dominate at the time.


2017 ARC Webinar Series

Minimising Longevity and Investment Risk while optimising Future Pension Plans 14 June 2017
This webinar is part of a series to showcase three large research programmes currently running through the ARC, which seeks to address some of the significant challenges in actuarial science.
Use of Big Health and Actuarial Data for understanding Longevity and Morbidity 13 June 2017
From this webinar you will learn about the objectives of this research programme and some of the early developments since its commencement in autumn 2016.

Professor Elena Kulinskaya (University of East Anglia) – Principal Investigator for the research programme
Nigel Wright (Aviva)

Professor Andrew Cairns (Director of the Actuarial Research Centre) 

Modelling, Measurement and Management of Longevity and Morbidity Risk 17 May 2017
Developing a new generation of mortality and morbidity models, with a specific focus on the drivers for mortality.
Speaker: Professor Andrew Cairns, Heriot-Watt University