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Working paper 101

“All offices” experience of pension annuities in payment, 2011-2014 (Issue date: 27/07/2017; Response date: 15/09/2017)

Working paper 87

Mortality experience of enhanced annuities in 2007-2010 (Issue date 17/12/2015)

Working paper 81

Final '08' Series annuities tables (Issue date 30/06/2015)

Working paper 78

Proposed '08' Series annuities tables (Issue date: 06/03/2015; Response date: 10/04/2015)

Working paper 70

The All Offices annuity experience for the 2007-2010 quadrennium (Issue date: 18/10/2013; Response date: N/A)

Working paper 57

CMI life office mortality 'per policy' results: consultation on the future format of results (Issue date: 30/9/2011; Response date: 30/11/2011)

Working paper 56

CMI life office mortality 'per policy' results: the initial methodology and format (Issue date: 30/9/2011)

Working paper 45

Consultation on the proposed methodology for the analysis of CMI 'per-policy' mortality data (Issue date: 30/04/2010)

Working paper 42

CMI life office mortality experience 2003-2006 (Issue date: 10/12/2009)

Working paper 26

Extensions to younger ages of the "00" series pensioner tables of mortality (Issue date: 20/04/2007)

Working papers 21 and 22

The graduation of the CMI 1999-2002 mortality experience: final "00" series mortality tables (Issue date: 01/08/2006)

Working paper 16

The graduation of the CMI 1999-2002 mortality experience: proposed annuitant and pensioner graduations (Issue date: 28/09/2005)

Working paper 11

Responses to Working Paper 3 (Issue date: 26/01/2005)

Working paper 8

Considerations for the graduation of the 1999-2002 mortality experience (Issue date: 20/08/2004)


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