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‘92’ series tables

‘92’ series mortality tables for assured lives, annuitants and pensioners
AM92 Permanent Assurances, Males
AF92 Permanent Assurances, Females
TM92 Temporary Assurances, Males
TF92 Temporary Assurances, Females
PML92 Pensioners, Males, Lives
PMA92 Pensioners, Males, Amounts
PMA92 Pensioners, Males, Amounts (C=2010)
PFL92 Pensioners, Females, Lives
PFA92 Pensioners, Females, Amounts
PFA92 Pensioners, Females, Amounts (C=2010)
IML92 Immediate Annuitants, Males, Lives
IMA92 Immediate Annuitants, Males, Amounts
IFL92 Immediate Annuitants, Females, Lives
IFA92 Immediate Annuitants, Females, Amounts
RMV92 Retirement Annuitants, Males, Vested
RFV92 Retirement Annuitants, Females, Vested
WL92 Widows, Lives
WA92 Widows, Amounts 

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