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Call for speakers

Would you like to share your expertise or research with your peers and colleagues by speaking at an Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) conference or event?

Speaking at our events and conferences provides an opportunity to share your expertise and contribute to the development of actuarial science

By speaking you will provide CPD opportunities for IFoA members. As a speaker you will also enjoy networking opportunities and additional benefits.

We deliver a wide variety of events throughout the year for which we select speakers.

Alongside our six residential conferences we hold business skills seminars (masterclasses), sessional meetings, networking events, and one day seminars/workshops. We welcome proposals from members and non-members on technical and business skill subjects.

How to submit your proposal to speak at a conference or event or suggest a topic for a presentation

We issue calls for speakers for our conferences and events throughout the year. As part of your submission we request the following:

  • 75 word summary which must include an outline of the technical level of knowledge required to understand the topic and the practice area(s)/theme that the topic falls within
  • format of your session i.e. presentation, debate, panel session, round table discussion
  • company and contact details (of all speakers involved).

If you want to nominate a speaker or topic, but do not want speak yourself, we are also keen to hear from you.

Please note that by submitting an application you are agreeing to allow your name and contact details to be passed onto the organisation committee who may contact you regarding your submission.

We can be contacted on the below details for any additional information 




The Actuary as a Data Scientist – what, how and why?

5 November, Staple Inn Hall

Submission deadline 29 July

Data science represents an opportunity for actuaries in traditional and new areas of work.  With rapid advancements in technology, actuaries can collect, store and draw insights from data like never before.

Actuaries are well placed to work alongside data scientists, to introduce data science techniques into their toolkits and organisations, and equip the profession for the future.

We would like this one-day event to build on recent Institute and Faculty events and act as a call to action for actuaries interested in this exciting area.  We aim to include real-world case studies from across practice areas with a focus on practical applications that can be taken back to the office.

Looking to the future, the event will also address how the role and domain of the actuary may evolve and the importance of lifelong learning in a world of rapid change.

The event is aimed at actuaries and students in all practice areas and will include opportunities for networking and idea sharing with like-minded actuaries adopting – or aspiring to adopt – data science in actuarial fields.

We welcome speakers that address one or more of the following areas:

  • Case studies demonstrating the use of data science in existing actuarial fields across all practice areas.  This might include, but is not limited to, big data analysis, predictive analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.  Speakers may also wish to cover how new approaches and models can be validated, creative communication and data visualisation, or examples of how existing and new sources of data are being used in innovative ways.  The focus will be on idea sharing and stimulating discussion.
  • Reflections on setting up a data science function, team or project.  This might include establishing the business case, how challenges were overcome and achieving buy-in at all levels in the organisation.  Stories of effective collaboration between actuaries and data scientists would be of interest, along with wider reflections on the organisational changes needed to ensure businesses harness the value of their data.
  • The future actuary – how data science is impacting the profession and industry, the skills needed to apply data science techniques in actuarial fields and the opportunities available.  Speakers may also wish to address ethical issues and the culture of change needed to become actuaries of the future.

In particular, the organising committee welcomes speakers who are able to share practical experiences and who can demonstrate the value that data science techniques can add to actuarial problems.  Submissions are welcome from all, including members working in non-actuarial fields, data scientists and other professionals.

Sessions will be interactive and we will facilitate requests for innovative presentation styles where possible.  Case studies are likely to take the format of a short presentation followed by group discussions.

Please note that the organising committee are particularly interested to hear from speakers who will be able to share data and code with attendees.

On this form, you will be asked to submit:

  • the primary topic of your session (from the list above)
  • a title of your talk
  • 150 word description
  • Contact details and names of all speakers.

N.B. Speaker’s expenses will be met by the individual.  If you have any questions, please contact Hannah Watson, Event Manager.

Please submit your proposal by Sunday 22 July.


One Day Seminar for General Insurance

Submission deadline October 2018

The General Insurance Education and Continuing Professional Development (GI ECPD) Committee are preparing the next round of GI One Day Seminars. These aim to increase awareness and encourage discussion on a variety of topical issues and the latest research. 

We would like to hear from you if you are keen to share your knowledge and expertise.

Please click on the event below to submit a proposal.

*         Capital Modelling Seminar - January 2019  (closing date: October 2018)


Actuaries Institute Australia and SOA joint event– Risk Management Seminar, Singapore

Submission deadline 20 July

The Organizing Committee is seeking ideas for sessions and looking for seasoned and engaging speakers who are interested in sharing their expertise and delivering interactive sessions at the Seminar.  Speakers will receive complimentary registration and we invite you to participate in the entire seminar.  We do not plan to reimburse travel and lodging expenses.

The Committee is particularly interested in hot topics in below primary areas.  This list is not intended to limit you from proposing other topics that you believe will be interesting and relevant.  We welcome your ideas and other topics.

  1. Regulatory developments affecting ERM
  2. How to measure risk culture?
  3. How do resilient organisations respond to risk?
  4. Extracting value from the risk function
  5. The use of risk matrices and other tools to identify and quantify risk
  6. Operational risk management - data governance, strategic risk etc.
  7. Sales distribution channel management and control
  8. Long term care - risk factor and concerns

Find out more on the Actuaries Institute website.

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