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Why become an actuary?

An actuarial career is enormously intellectually satisfying.

Actuaries possess unique mathematical, analytical, communication and management skills.  These skills lie behind many high-level strategic decisions made by large companies and governments, and can have a significant impact on legislation, businesses and peoples' lives.  

Actuaries combine good business sense with safeguarding the public's financial interests whilst upholding the highest professional standards.

An actuarial career is financially rewarding

Average graduate salaries in the recruitment market are £33,000 (High Fliers Research). Find out more about actuarial salaries.

Actuaries enjoy a good work/life balance

Compared to other financial professions such as banking, an actuarial role enables you to balance a rewarding career with your other interests in life.

An actuarial career can take you anywhere in the world

An actuarial career is a global passport.  With an internationally recognised professional qualification, you can work anywhere in the world.  Hear what Jos Vermeulen FIA has to say about this in the short video below:

Actuaries are a respected professional global community

When you join the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) you join a profession which has over 32,000 members around the world and a professional body that is committed to its members’ on-going professional development.

The IFoA's qualifications are recognised globally and the skills you acquire in attaining them will enable you to work anywhere in the world.  In addition, the IFoA has Mutual Recognition Agreements with overseas actuarial professional bodies, so once you have qualified, it is often easy to transfer to another professional body.

IFoA members grow effective and long-lasting professional networks by joining our regional societies in the UK and overseas, getting involved in conferences and other events, and volunteering.

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